Improve your diet and fight back against disease

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  • Healthy habits
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What you eat is important, especially if you are living with an inflammatory condition.

Making changes to your diet can be hard work and is often a minefield of contradictory advice. Our app gives you an online nutritionist specialising in the anti-inflammatory diet. This will help you avoid foods that can trigger inflammation and instead fill your plate with nutritious alternatives that are known to calm inflammation.

Open the app

To log your next meal you must open the app on your phone.

How it works

We are making it fun to eat better, so much like a mobile game, your personal health coach will rate your meals and give you fun challenges to try out interesting new foods.

1. Take a meal photo

Snap a picture of a typical meal and wait for your coach to give it some feedback.

2. Receive feedback

Learn about your meal’s nutritional value, and what you can do differently to make it even better.

3. Improve your eating

Gradually apply and integrate healthy new learnings with the help of your personal nutrition coach.

The programme

In just a few weeks we will teach you all the principles of the anti-inflammatory diet.


Getting started

Getting to know you and what you eat

WEEK 2-4

Try something new

Laying the foundations for your new healthy lifestyle

WEEK 5-8

Time for change

Finding tasty ways to make things work for you

WEEK 9-12

Eat like a pro

Ace your anti-inflammatory lifestyle with pro tips

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What our users say

Our health team

We combined our research skills with years of experience helping individuals living with different inflammatory conditions like Eczema and Psoriasis.


John Zibert

B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.

Dr John Zibert has been carrying out clinical research on skin diseases and cancer for over a decade. John also has over seven years experience with pharmaceutical drug development for various skin diseases. John sees the significance of introducing gradual behavioural change in order for patients to benefit.


Anders D. Andersen

BSc, MSc., PhD.

Anders has carried out research on how specific nutrients can influence our physiology, including risk markers of lifestyle-related disease and the underlying mechanisms. Over the past decade, he has contributed to our knowledge on the importance of omega 3, probiotics, the gut microbiome and brain development.


Kyla Williams

DipION, BSc, MSc

Kyla is a clinical nutritionist with a master’s degree in Nutritional Medicine. Kyla has extensive experience advising individuals on the practicalities of improving eating habits for a range of health issues, ranging from skin disorders and weight management to autoimmune conditions. Her nutritional advice is based on a strong scientific foundation.