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TREAT is built by LEO Innovation Lab, which aims to create solutions that can improve the lives of people living with psoriasis. LEO Innovation Lab has been established as a separate unit of LEO Pharma, whose mission is to help people achieve healthy skin. LEO Pharma is owned 100%. by the LEO foundation and reinvests its profits in solutions that can benefit people with skin diseases.

Other projects by LEO Innovation Lab

Albas Post

On Alba’s Post we explore these and other potential relations between foods and psoriasis, to help people better cope with their disease.


PsoHappy aims to document the effect of psoriasis on the levels of happiness people experience. We want to be active advocates for addressing happiness inequalities that might affect people living with psoriasis.


Say hello to the first online store with meticulously selected skin care products for people with psoriasis. At HelloSkin, you will find a broad assortment of non-prescription products such as emollients, bath salts, nutritional supplements and accessories.