TREAT programme introduction

Here is how we will gradually introduce you to the anti-inflammatory diet. We have structured your plan into simple stages, which you can complete at your own pace.

Coach Becky & Kyla introducing our programme.
Coach Becky & Kyla introducing our programme.

Let’s get started (Week 1)

In the free introduction stage, you get the chance to meet your coach and show her the kinds of foods you are already eating with a 3 Day Food Diary. Let’s get some anti-inflammatory foods onto your plate.

  • Post meal photos – To begin, you will be posting your first few meal photos for your nutrition coach to see your starting point!
  • Set goals with your coach – Your nutrition coach will help you to define your goals for the next 8 weeks. This is a great time to get to know your coach and ask them any burning questions.

Try something new  (Week 2-4)

This is a fun stage, where we help you to lay the foundations for your new healthy lifestyle.

This is a fun stage, where we help you to lay the foundations for your new healthy lifestyle.

Time for change (Week 5-8)

We help to make things work for you, getting everything into practise to fit into your daily routine!Time for change

  • Snacking – All about how to snack wisely, when to snack, and what to have.
  • Sweets – We have lots of delicious healthy sweet food recipes to share with you!
  • Elimination – Now you can start to consider identifying foods which may be causing you problems.
  • Healthy fast food – Healthy food can be convenient too!
  • Eating out – We will give you plenty of advice on how to eat well when eating out.
  • Addictions – Lastly, we will help you to fine tune your diet to limit your unhealthy habits.

Once you have completed the 8 week programme, you may feel inspired to become a food pro! If you are up for the challenge then keep on going…

Eat like a pro (Week 9-12)

From batch cooking to fermenting, now we introduce you to some of the cool, more advanced topics.

Eat like a pro
The final level is about continuing your journey of healthy eating. From juicing to fermenting, there are always new topics we would like to introduce you to.

To ensure that you can make these changes long term habits, we will be here for you. We can help you to stay on track with friendly reminders and support depending on your unique situation, barriers and challenges.

A Nutritionist in your pocket

Get all the tools you need to blend your healthy new eating habits with your lifestyle in a fun and easy way, all packaged into our beautiful iPhone app.

Nutritionist app

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